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Forte Seal Conditional

Forté Seal Conditioner is a synthetic seal treatment, which restores the elastomer properties to seals. It helps fix bad valve seals and other motor seals, wherever oil is used. Forte seal conditioner is a versatile product that can be used in manual gearboxes and final drive differentials. This product can be used as part of your engine's maintenance schedule because all valve seals eventually fail and leak oil. If your engine is old and has a lot of miles on it, you should use forte seal conditioner every oil change, or at least every other oil change, depending on how often you replace the oil. This will make your engine's seals live much longer.

Is your car leaking oil and smoking from the
exhaust system?

Do you notice some changes in your car such as leaking oil and smoking from the exhaust system? This could be due to the valve seals hardening and shrinking which results in oil leaking past the valve seals into the combustion chambers which can be treated by adding Forté Seal Conditioner to the crankcase oil.

A simple test can be carried out within 5 minutes by anyone to find out if their valve seals have gone. Kindly provide your email address to receive the test.

Why are valve seals leaking?

The first valve shows how valve will look like when it has expanded over time, and when oil gets hot, it get thinner(oil) making it easy to leak through the valve seal into the exhaust system when the engine itself is hot causing clouds of smoke when the car is accelerated which is quite embarrassing and expensive to repair. In a main dealer, it can cost between £4000-£6000 to repair. Local garages can cost £1500-£3500 even renting tools and changing the valve seals yourself will cost between £250-£500 which could take between 1 and 4 weeks meaning you will be without your car during this period.

How to fix valve seal?

Now let me walk you through the solution of fixing valve seals which is to use FORTE SEAL CONDITIONER which works 9 out of 10 times and starts at only $28.

Steps in fixing valve seals;
     1.   Add the FORTE OIL FORTIFIER to thicken the oil
      2.  Add the SEAL CONDITIONER
Shop with us now and you’ll find it worthy.

Forte Oil Fortifier

Forté Oil Fortifier is recommended for use in engines of older or higher mileage vehicles which are showing signs of wear; evidenced by high oil consumption or excessive exhaust smoking.
Forté Oil Fortifier is compatible with all crankcase fill oils, including fully synthetic, which meet the specification of API and ACEA classifications.
Forté Oil Fortifier is not recommended for use in engines incorporating wet clutches.
Reduces oil consumption in engines showing signs of wear
Minimises exhaust smoking by providing better piston ring sealing
Restores performance to tired engines
Improves oil pressure to better protect moving parts

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BMW lockdown & Forte

My bmw had stood for a while due to lockdown, when I fired her back up it was burning oil and smoking, bmw tool rental suggested using forte oil fortifier and forte seal conditioner together, well it’s been just over a week now and the car has stopped smoking. Excellent service and advice thank you.

Great customer service and support and great product called forte

Well what can I say great customer service answering my messages anytime of the day and night haha was recommended forte oil fortifier and seal conditioner as I had white smoke blowing loads out of my car. I added both at the same time and within the hour the white smoke had gone and it continues to get better from what it says on the products. So I would recommend to anyone to use these products and the service from BMW tool rentals

Forte Seal Conditioner & Forte Oil Fortifier

I contacted this company for some questions about my truck and had the please of dealing with a gentleman named Phil. He was EXTREMELY helpful and very knowledgeable about my situation. I would recommend this company to anyone about car issues. It will from now on be the first people I reach out to about any vehicle issues we have. Top notch conpany



Are Valve Seals Expensive to Replace

Valve seals are an inexpensive part to buy, however because of their location within the engine, they can cost thousands to replace simply because of the labour cost involved. Smaller engine cars like an old fiesta might only cost £300 to £500 but a bigger engine car like a bmw 650 v8 n62 engine cost around £6000 at bmw or £2500 to £3000 at independent garages. 


Where Are Valve Seals Located

Valve seals are located inside the rocker cover of the engine under the cams. On most cars to replace the valve seals you would need to remove the cams and the head from the engine, this is because the valves stems could fall into the engine if the keepers and the seals are removed without removing the head. However, there are ways and tools available for some engine to allow this to be done safely without removing the head.


What Are Valve Seals

Valve seals go over the valve stem to stop oil leaking down the valve stem and into the combustion chamber. The valve stem moves up and down on top of the engines pistons, which helps to create compression.  


How To Stop Valve Seals From Smoking

We’ve only ever found two ways to stop this. this first is forte seal conditioner, this works in 9 out of 10 cases as long as the seals aren’t too badly damage or broken. The second is to replace the seals. 


Are Valve Seals Hard to Replace

Yes! In most cases changing the valve seals means stripping the engine completely and can be a very difficult and time-consuming job.


Can Valve Seals Cause Smoke

Valve seals cause the car to smoke because they dry up, expand and crack overtime. This allows the engine oil to leak past the valve seal and into the combustion chamber when the engine is hot. Then when the throttle is press, the oil burns off causing a cloud of blue smoke.


How To Tell If Valve Seals Are Bad

The best test for valve seals is to take the car for a drive and get the engine up to operating temperature. Next, leave the engine idling for 3 to 5 minutes while parked. Step 3 is to press the throttle hard and rev the car; if you get a cloud of blue smoke from the exhaust then your valve seals are bad. If you are getting a constant blue smoke while driving then it is probably your piston rings.


How To Use Forte Seal Conditioner

The product is so simple anybody can use it. Simply add it to your oil, 1 bottle for under 2 ltrs engine size and 2 bottles for over 2lts.


Stop Leak vs Forte Seal Conditioner

These are two very different products although some people are trying to use the two fix the same issue. 
Stop leak is a product that in very simple terms plugs a gap, it "stops a leak" this product works very well on certain areas of the engine however it will never work with valve seals simply because the valve is always moving, it would be like trying to glue a tire to the road while driving. Whereas forte seal conditioner does not try to "stop the leak”, it tries to repair the valve seal. It does this by restoring the elasticity and softening the hardened valve seals making them create a good seal again.


Will Forte Seal Conditioner Work

In 9 out of 10 cases, forte seal conditioner will repair the valve seals saving you lots of money, however it does depend on how bad the seals are to start with. Some seals are so badly worn that the only option is full replacement. 


How Long Does Forte Seal Conditioner Take To Work

Forté Seal Conditioner should start working right away, however it can take upto 2 months to work fully. Once added to the oil, you should start seeing results within the first few days and you then see improvements over time in both a reduction of blue smoke from the exhaust and in oil loss.