Fort Seal Conditioner should start working right away, however it can take up to 2 months to work fully. Once added to the oil, you should start seeing results within the first few days and you then see improvements over time in both a reduction of blue smoke from the exhaust and in oil loss.

It is hard to give an exact time frame because everyone valve seals will be different, some people might have acted instantly on noticing the oil loss and blue smoke from the exhaust and add forte seal conditioner right away in this case it could take a few days to 2 weeks to soften the valve seals. Some people might have left the issue build up over months and this will take a lot longer to fix these valve seals and stop any oil loss.

Its important to note though that Forte Seal Conditioner may take longer than other products on the market, this is because its not made to just quickly fill a gap or thicken the oil to slow the oil loss, forte seal conditioner is actually made to fix the valve seals without the need to remove them from the engine.

We actually did a test on this product, we got some old valve seals, and dropped them in a tub of forte seal conditioner and monitored the results. if you'd like to see our forte seal conditioner test please follow the link